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Expertise Achieves Zero Energy Costs and 1500 Green Km Bonus at Enervillas Project

Anaptiksi Construction Company, a leader in sustainable building and energy-efficient construction, recently showcased their exceptional work on the Enervillas project, achieving zero energy costs and providing a 1500 green kilometer bonus to the property's residents.

In just two weeks during September, the Enervillas generated an impressive surplus of 164 kWh of energy, thanks to Anaptiksi's innovative design and implementation of energy-saving measures. The residents were able to charge their two electric vehicles with 265 kWh, enjoying 1470 green kilometers of free travel as a result of Anaptiksi's forward-thinking approach.

The Enervillas, boasting a total floor area (TFA) of 420 square meters, consumed a mere 20% of the total energy produced on-site. This achievement demonstrates Anaptiksi's commitment to creating environmentally friendly and energy-efficient living spaces. The company's expertise is evident in the villas' air conditioning, domestic hot water system, interior and garden lighting spanning 2000 square meters, and the efficient operation of all household appliances.

The charts also reveal that the swimming pools, while consuming a significant amount of energy, have tremendous potential for further energy savings. Anaptiksi's dedication to continuous improvement and innovation means that they will undoubtedly identify new ways to enhance efficiency in this area. Additionally, the irrigation system, which operates using a small well, has been designed for minimal energy consumption, further contributing to the project's overall sustainability.

Anaptiksi's work on the Enervillas project showcases their expertise in implementing energy-saving strategies, including:

  1. Solar power utilization: The use of photovoltaic (PV) panels to generate clean and renewable energy, minimizing the reliance on traditional power sources and reducing energy costs.

  2. Energy-efficient appliances: The careful selection and installation of energy-saving appliances contribute to the overall reduction in energy consumption within the villas.

  3. Insulation and airtightness: Anaptiksi's commitment to quality insulation and airtight construction helps maintain comfortable indoor temperatures while reducing the need for excessive heating and cooling.

  4. Smart energy management systems: Incorporating advanced energy management systems, such as Meazon, to monitor and optimize energy consumption, ensuring the most efficient use of resources.

  5. Electric vehicle (EV) integration: Encouraging the use of electric vehicles, such as Tesla, by providing on-site charging facilities and highlighting the benefits of green transportation.

By achieving zero energy costs and a 1500 green kilometer bonus at the Enervillas, Anaptiksi Construction Company proves that their expertise in sustainable building practices and energy efficiency can make a significant impact on both the environment and the quality of life for residents. With a focus on continuous improvement and innovation, Anaptiksi remains the ideal partner for those seeking to create truly sustainable and energy-efficient living spaces.


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