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Unlock the Secret to Zero Energy Bills: How Anaptiksi Redefined Eco-Luxury Living!

Celebrating a Milestone in Sustainable Construction: Anaptiksi's Latest Achievement 🌿

As the founder and driving force behind Anaptiksi, I am thrilled to share a groundbreaking achievement that epitomizes our commitment to sustainability and innovation in construction. This year, our collaboration with Enervillas, a beacon of eco-friendly tourism, has culminated in an extraordinary accomplishment that sets a new precedent for the industry.

Zero Energy Costs for Enervillas ✨

In 2023, Enervillas, a project designed and executed by our team at Anaptiksi, achieved an unprecedented milestone: zero energy costs for an entire year. This isn't just a win for Enervillas; it's a testament to the effectiveness and potential of sustainable building practices that we have been championing.

🚗 Eco-Mobility and Clean Energy 🚗

Beyond the buildings themselves, our commitment to sustainability extends to eco-mobility. With two electric vehicles (EVs) provided for Enervillas, we covered 39,248.24 kilometers powered entirely by green energy, showcasing the practicality and environmental benefits of electric transportation.

🔋 Energy Production Exceeds Consumption 🔋

Our photovoltaic (PV) system generated a remarkable 31,591.57 kWh of clean electricity in 2023, not only covering but exceeding the total energy consumption of Enervillas. This accomplishment underscores our vision at Anaptiksi: to design and build spaces that are not merely energy-efficient but are net-positive energy producers.

🏡 The First Certified Passive House Premium Tourist Accommodation 🏡

Enervillas stands out not only for its zero energy costs but also for being the first and only Passive House Premium tourist accommodation in the world. This achievement is a clear indication of our capabilities and our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in sustainable construction.

💚 A Greener Future with Anaptiksi 💚

This achievement is a significant milestone in our journey, but it's just the beginning. At Anaptiksi, we are continuously exploring innovative ways to integrate sustainability into every aspect of our work, from residential buildings to tourist accommodations and beyond.

We are immensely proud to have designed and built Enervillas, showcasing our expertise in creating spaces that offer luxury without compromising on sustainability. This project aligns perfectly with the EU2030 Energy Code for Buildings, further cementing our role as leaders in the field of green construction.

To our team, partners, and the community that supports us: thank you. Your belief in our vision fuels our passion and drives us to achieve even greater feats.

Here's to creating a more sustainable world, one building at a time. 🌍💡🏡


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