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We're Hiring!

Anaptiksi Construction Company: Pioneering Excellence in Construction

Established in 1997, Anaptiksi has firmly etched its mark in Greece's construction sphere, particularly in the realm of passive house construction. We seamlessly integrate conventional techniques with innovative technology, setting commendable standards in the industry.

Career Opportunities at Anaptiksi

Engineers/Architects & Related Disciplines (including Mechanical Engineers):

  • Role: Contribute to our design portfolio and oversee the uploading of sketches.

  • Qualifications: A degree in engineering or architecture and knowledge on and Revit.

  • Future at Anaptiksi: Embark on a fulfilling journey where you will gain insights into ESPA and various European development programs, and deepen your understanding of passive house concepts and methodologies.

  • Work Arrangement: After an initial on-site engagement, remote work becomes an accessible option.

Secretary Assistant with Accounting Responsibilities:

  • Role: Administer day-to-day tasks and take charge of accounting-related duties.

  • Key Skill: Knowledge in SoftOne.

Additional Information:

  • Working Hours: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on weekdays.

  • Salary: Remuneration is competitive, gauged by the candidate's expertise and background.

How to Apply:

Send your resume and a cover letter to 📧

For inquiries, 📞 +306984164168 - Dimopoulos Dimitrios

Be a part of our family at Anaptiksi, where we build a sustainable future and strong relationships!


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