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nZEB Roadshow Returns to Enervillas in Alissos for a Successful Visit

The European nZEB Roadshow project made its way to the University of Patras Conference and Cultural Center for four days (17-20/3), offering a series of free events and specialized workshops for engineers and technicians related to Nearly Zero Energy Buildings.

On Sunday, the program coordinators and interested engineers, and others, visited Enervillas in Aliki Achaia, the first certified passive house premium accommodation.

The owner, designer, and builder of Enervillas, Dimitrios Dimopoulos, expressed his satisfaction with the visit, saying, "I am delighted to have seen engineers and individuals visit Enervillas with many questions and a willingness to learn. This program is very important, and anyone who participated undoubtedly gained something. Personally, I had to travel to Germany and pay for such information since 2012. So, when it comes to your town, do not miss it!"

During the nZEB Roadshow visit, the participants had the opportunity to witness firsthand the design and construction of a passive house premium accommodation, as well as learn about its energy-efficient features and technologies. This event was a chance for engineers and professionals to exchange knowledge and learn about the best practices in designing and constructing energy-efficient buildings.

The nZEB Roadshow aims to raise awareness and promote nearly zero-energy buildings and energy-efficient renovations to professionals and the public in Europe. The program has organized several events and workshops across Europe to encourage the widespread adoption of energy-efficient building practices.

Enervillas is a prime example of a passive house premium accommodation, designed to meet the highest standards of energy efficiency, comfort, and sustainability. It features solar panels, a heat recovery system, and insulation materials that prevent heat loss, making it a model for sustainable and energy-efficient construction.

Overall, the nZEB Roadshow visit to Enervillas was a success, and it served as a reminder of the importance of sustainable and energy-efficient construction in the face of climate change.


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