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Greek Construction Company Leads the Way in Green Building Practices 19th Development Forum

The 19th Development Forum featured an exciting presentation by Dimitris Dimopoulos, who showcased the energy upgrade of his office through funding from the European Structural and Investment Funds. As a civil engineer and certified passive house designer, Dimopoulos is dedicated to creating sustainable buildings that promote healthy indoor environments without sacrificing affordability.

Dimopoulos's company, Anaptixiaki Construction, is among the few in Greece that possesses the necessary equipment, technical knowledge, and certifications to design and construct low-energy, green homes, offices, and schools. Using locally sourced materials and recycled materials whenever possible, their buildings offer fresh, healthy indoor air with natural lighting and heating from the sun.

Their office building has completed the first phase of three and has been registered on the international database of passive buildings. Recently, the company participated in the Global Passive Building Days, where their building was one of only three in Greece that allowed visitors. In addition, the company plans to host school visits to educate students on energy conservation and sustainable building practices.

The company's next project is the Enervillas, a tourist accommodation that will be certified as A+ and passive house premium. The Enervillas generates more energy than it consumes, providing the highest level of thermal comfort and indoor air quality. It is the only tourist accommodation in the world currently listed in the international passive house database.

Anaptixiaki Construction's motto is "Changing the way we think: the cheapest energy is the one we don't need." With the approval of the energy upgrade and completion of all three phases, the building will achieve A+ certification according to the Hellenic Passive House Institute, and passive house plus according to the passive house standard.

The company's innovative practices have put them at the forefront of sustainable construction, inspiring other construction companies to follow their lead in creating buildings that promote healthy living while preserving our planet.

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