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Enervillas: Achieving Energy Autonomy with Zero Cost

Dimitris Dimopoulos, a certified passive building designer, builder, and owner of Enervillas and Anaptiksi, was recently featured on the SKAI news, discussing the energy autonomy achieved by his buildings, which have succeeded in truly zeroing out the cost of both electricity and transportation.

Located in Kato Alissos, the Enervillas have been certified by the Passive House Institute as Passive House Premium Hotel/Hostel/Holiday dwellings. They are the only accommodation of their kind worldwide and one of just 17 Zero Emission Buildings (ZEB) for all uses worldwide since 2018.

Furthermore, the Enervillas are the first tourist accommodation in Greece that operates on an annual basis as Carbon Neutral, certified by Green Evolution. They are also the first villa-type accommodation in Greece to be certified as Sustainable by Earthcheck Evaluate Plus.

Enervillas won the "PEOPLE & BRANDING/Rational Energy Management" category at the 2019 Tourism Awards. The design and construction of these buildings ensure a unique quality of indoor environment with maximum thermal comfort and air quality, without the moisture, mold, or excess CO2 that can lead to headaches and create an unhealthy building.

In addition to the above, the buildings have been constructed to minimize energy requirements, and photovoltaic panels cover all energy demands, with excess energy available to charge two electric cars. Thus, Enervillas achieve zero cost for electricity and transportation, even amid the current energy crisis.

Overall, the Enervillas represent a paradigm shift in sustainable building design and construction, serving as a model for achieving energy autonomy without sacrificing comfort, quality, or convenience.


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