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Dimitris Dimopoulos speaks at the 4th Panhellenic Passive Building Conference, presenting Enervillas

The 4th Panhellenic Passive Building Conference "PASSIEXPO 2018: The road to nZEB" was held in Athens on November 2-3, 2018, by the Hellenic Institute of Passive Building. Many interesting and important topics related to passive buildings were presented during the conference, which was attended by members of the Hellenic Institute of Passive Building from all over Greece, as well as distinguished Greek and foreign scientists.

One of the speakers at the conference was Dimitris Dimopoulos, representative of the construction company "Anaptixi Kataskevastiki," who presented the completed Enervillas project. The Enervillas are the first Passive House accommodations in Greece, designed and built according to the Passive House standard, and are an excellent example of sustainable and energy-efficient construction.During his presentation, Dimitris Dimopoulos explained the concept of passive buildings and their benefits, as well as the unique features of the Enervillas. He highlighted how the Enervillas are not only environmentally friendly but also generate the energy they need for their own maintenance. Additionally, the Enervillas are equipped with the latest technology and innovative solutions to achieve high energy efficiency, as well as providing a comfortable indoor environment for the occupants.

The Enervillas project is a significant achievement for sustainable tourism in Greece, as it represents a successful integration of sustainable building practices into the tourism industry. Guests can now enjoy a fully-equipped villa that provides a unique experience in terms of quality and comfort, while also minimizing its environmental impact.

The Enervillas project is an excellent example of how innovative thinking and sustainable practices can be combined to create a successful and environmentally friendly business. By demonstrating that energy efficiency and sustainability can be integrated into traditional business models, Enervillas is setting an example for other companies to follow.

In conclusion, the 4th Panhellenic Passive Building Conference was a successful event that brought together experts and stakeholders from various fields to discuss and exchange ideas about passive building and sustainable practices. Dimitris Dimopoulos' presentation on the Enervillas project was an excellent example of how sustainable building practices can be successfully integrated into the tourism industry, and it is a promising sign for the future of sustainable tourism in Greece.


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