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"Dimitris Dimopoulos Shares Insights on Sustainable Hospitality Design at Xenia - Greece Tourism Exh

Renowned passive building designer Dimitris Dimopoulos was invited to participate in a panel discussion on sustainable hotel design at the Xenia - Greece Tourism Exhibition. The panel, titled "Designing NZEB Hotels/Smart Hotels: Renovations, Legislation, Funding Incentives," focused on the importance of passive buildings and smart infrastructure in achieving optimal energy efficiency.

Dr. Ioannis Pappas led the panel, which also featured industry experts Kostas Dimitroulas, Giorgos Kydoniatis, Giannis Stavrakakis (Stella Island), and Dimitris Demopoulos (Enervillas Project). The discussion revolved around the design of NZEB hotels and smart hotels, with a particular emphasis on renovations, legislation, and funding incentives.

The Xenia - Greece Tourism Exhibition, which saw more than 25,000 visitors from all over Greece, took place from November 27 to 29, 2021. The event was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, the Bank of Greece, and the Technical Chamber of Greece, among others.

During the panel discussion, Dimopoulos shared his insights on the first passive house premium hotel in Greece, located in Kato Alissos, which he had designed. He highlighted the key features of the hotel, which was built with the latest in sustainable building technologies and materials, and discussed how these features contributed to the hotel's energy efficiency and overall sustainability.

Demopoulos stressed the importance of sustainable design in the hospitality industry, particularly as the sector continues to rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic. He emphasized the need for hoteliers and other stakeholders to invest in sustainable infrastructure and technologies, not only to reduce their carbon footprint but also to appeal to the growing number of eco-conscious travelers.

The panel discussion was well-received by the audience, who engaged in a lively Q&A session with the panelists. Demopoulos's insights and expertise were particularly valued, given his extensive experience in sustainable building design and his role in pioneering the use of passive building techniques in Greece.

Overall, the Xenia - Greece Tourism Exhibition provided an important platform for experts like Demopoulos to share their knowledge and insights on sustainable tourism and hospitality. As the sector continues to evolve and adapt to changing consumer demands and environmental pressures, events like these will play an increasingly critical role in shaping the future of tourism and hospitality in Greece and beyond.


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